Inspired by the early 2000s pop-punk era, Crown The King has mastered the art of honest songwriting that resonates with listeners and dives deep into themes of self-reflection. Their music is designed to be passionately sung back from the sticky floors of basement venues, creating an electric and unforgettable live experience.

In 2022, following the successful release of their debut EP “Groundhog Day,” Crown The King celebrated with a sold-out headline show and live appearances alongside Neck Deep and Punk Rock Factory, solidifying their place in the pop-punk scene. The EP’s release also caught the attention of Rock Sound Magazine, leading to a feature that helped the band garner further international recognition. Their music has received airplay on renowned stations such as idobi Radio, BBC Radio NI, and Rautemusik Rock.

The journey continues in 2023, as Crown The King heads back to the forefront of the pop-punk scene with “Cut My Losses,” the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their previous single “Reel To Reel.” Their dedication to creating emotionally charged and memorable music has never wavered, and fans can expect more of the signature sound they’ve come to love.

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